Gas Testing and Purging

Gas Testing and Purging

WN Plumbing are experienced commercial and industrial Gas Safe registered installers and can provide tightness testing, purging gas pipework, commissioning and de-commissioning of gas pipework for IGEM/UP/1 and IGEM/UP/1A

Upon completion, we will provide you with certification to confirm an effective gas purge/tightness test/commission/decommission has been carried out and that your system is safe.

Our commercial gas engineers are fully conversant with The Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998, enabling them to give advice on ensuring your installation is gas safe compliant.

Why is a purge required?
Whenever gas pipework is repaired, extended or newly installed, a purge must be conducted.

Gas Purging Equipment
We hold multiple purge stacks consisting of gas meters and flame arrestors. We also have a Gascoseeker (a commercial analyser) for sampling the gas within the pipework.

All our equipment is fully calibrated to ensure accurate readings are produced.

Arranging a commercial gas pipework purge
A full survey will be provided prior to the commencement of the gas purging, with a full risk assessment and method process plan being conducted to ensure the purging is undertaken to the highest safety standards.

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